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Hat:  Old (similar here) // Sweater:  Ewa Bazaar // Top:  Shein // Pants:  Ewa Bazaar // Shoes:  Converse




Top:  Ewa Bazaar // Sweater:  Ewa Bazaar // Jeans:  Ralph Lauren (similar here) // Boots:  Fergie (similar here)

It’s been quite a bit since my mom and I have done a “Who wore it better” post.  This will be the first one for 2018!  We chose to style this Ralph Lauren sweater. My mom and I have two different styles, but we are also somewhat similar.  Basically when I dress up I tend to style myself similar to my mom.  If I’m just wearing something casual I’m usually going in a different sense of style.  I don’t really know what my style truly consists of but I guess it’s a mix of different styles.

I love that my mom is so excited to do these Who Wore It Better posts because I feel like it gets her to step out of her comfort zone a little bit.  My mom is very expressive when it comes to her fashion (she used to design clothes when she was younger and used to make my clothes as a little kid) as she has been her whole life.  She is willing to step out of the box and mix prints/textures.  The thing is though,
she’s very quiet when you first meet her, but then once you get her going she never stops talking haha.
I admire my mom a lot because she has a story and a history.  She came from a hard working family and lived through communistic Poland/the Cold War (so did my dad).  She lived through the rations and somehow always made sure her clothing was fashion forward.  This was obviously because she would make her own creations.  She then left everything she knew and grew up with and came to start a new life here in America with my dad.  See my dad was lucky because his parents immigrated to America with him, while my mom’s parents stayed behind in Poland.  I know that it sucks for my mom and I know that she’s sad that she didn’t have the opportunity to talk to her mom every day and have coffee with her whenever she felt like it and hear her dad’s jokes.  I’m not going to lie, it sucks for me too because I love my grandparents and they are so extremely far away that visiting Poland for 1-2 weeks is just not enough.  I guess what I’m trying to get at is if you have family around you, cherish them. Cherish every single little moment, even the bad ones and the disagreements.  You are lucky to have them.  After my grandfather passed away on my dad’s side my grandma ended up moving back to Poland.  So, the only family I have here are my parents and brother.  I’m lucky to have my parents here because I know a lot of people my age who have lost one or even
both of their parents.  I couldn’t imagine my life without either of them.
With all of that being said, my mom and I styled this sweater differently.  I decided to go for more of a playful outfit with the pink and the dinosaur chambray top (more pictures of that top at the bottom of this post) and my mom styled it with her plaid top, jeans, and boots.
I’m trying to get my mom to start her own blog.  I seriously need some encouragement from y’all who comment and read my posts.  She would be so cute and I would love for her to show off her style.  I feel like a lot of women who are my mom’s age (minus a few) end up just giving up.  They stop getting their hair done, they stop dressing up, and they stop taking care of themselves.  Ladies, you are like fine wine, you get better with age. Don’t ever think that you’re too old to wear OTK boots, or that you’re too old for an outfit.  If you feel confident in your outfit and you feel that you can rock it, DO IT!  Wear that outfit!  Have y’all seen Betsey Johnson?  Do you think that she cares what anyone thinks of her or her style?  She’s been around forever and is an inspiration to so many people including myself.





I also wanted to mention that I got this chambray top from Shein as a review.  It looks a lot longer (almost dress length) in the picture, but it’s more of a shirt length.  I read a few reviews that said the same thing so don’t expect this to be a dress. Regardless, I love it as a top.  I have an obsession with dinosaurs (I have a blow up T-Rex costume lol) and I love that they are sparkly and sewn onto this top.  I wish they were embroidered on, because they are just sewn on, but they are still cute. Shein is one of those companies from overseas that are actually pretty decent.  I know a lot of people are always skeptical but I’ve ordered things from them outside of a blogging review as a regular customer and it’s the same quality as my blogging stuff.  I know some companies send bloggers clothing to review, but their actual clothing is terrible, however Shein is not like that.  At least from my own experience.
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