Why I recommend Orangetheory Fitness & a Linkup

Health and Fitness Linkup Review

In a recent post I talked about a gym that I had tried out but couldn’t mention the name, until today!  I was able to take a trial class at Orangetheory Fitness (you get your first class for free, this isn’t just a blogger perk, but I’ll get into that later).  I’m super excited because this was my first time reviewing a gym.  I’m going to be signing up for 2 classes a week, on top of my current workout schedule because I enjoyed the class that much.  I’m sure the coach (George, he was amazing) will be super happy to hear that.  Basically the class is set up perfectly and you have an instructor that helps you and tells you exactly what to do for an hour.  Now, I know an hour sounds brutal, but it goes by really fast.  You won’t even notice that the class is an hour.

So what is Orangetheory Fitness exactly?  It’s a 1 hour full body heart rate-based interval training program proven to burn more calories post workout.  Each workout is different and either focuses on endurance, strength, and/or power with top of the line workout equipment, upbeat music and personal fitness coaches (George at the Denville, NJ location was amazing).  At Orangetheory Fitness, you get energy from the group, energy from the beat of the music, and the push you need from the personal fitness coaches.

Now, with all of that being said, that’s exactly what my experience was.  Before I even stated that I was there for the blogger review I was paying attention to everyone who didn’t know I was a blogger and the coach was great in the class (you can see/hear through the glass doors) and the people at the front desk (especially Samantha!) were great.  Their attitudes and demeanor didn’t change at all when they I told them I was there to review.  They treated me great from the moment I walked in to the moment I left.  Now, I feel as though this is extremely important.  When you are making a lifestyle change or if you are just starting to work out, your first impressions are key.  If you are feeling nervous, you did people who will make you feel like you’ve got this.  You need a smiling face to greet you at the door and go over everything thoroughly.  They ask you for your first class to be there a half hour early so they can go over everything with you and if you don’t go then they will have to reschedule.  This may be inconvenient for some, but to be honest, you really need that intro, this is for your own benefit.  If you aren’t introduced to the class and the equipment you might be overwhelmed, so please don’t think of being there early as an inconvenience.  The coach goes over form and the workout along with many other things.  If you are not familiar with working out, your form is the most important.  You can injure yourself with bad form, or just not get results you are looking for.

Your first class is a free class which is awesome because this workout might not be for everyone depending on what you prefer, however I really enjoyed it and I HATE (emphasis on the hate) cardio, but this was awesome.  I’m not sure if it has to do with the coach, or the group, or the overall feel of the gym, but I loved it.  After class my coach went over my numbers with me because they calculate everything based off of your heart rate which I thought was cool and you wear one of their heart rate monitors.  All of your results from class will also be emailed to you right after class so if you didn’t get a chance to check the monitor before you left, it’s conveniently sent to you anyway.

I am so humbled that I was asked to review this gym, and I’m so incredibly happy that I did because it was a great experience.  I will be signing up within the next few weeks and will definitely recommend this gym to anyone out there who is lost in their workouts, not feeling motivated, wants to switch it up, and needs something that’s high intensity.  If you’re located in NJ, I went to the Denville location.  I haven’t tried any of the other coaches but George was great!  If you can schedule your first class with him I highly recommend it because he’s so incredibly motivating and you can tell he cares about each and every one of the people in his class.  He and his wife actually lost 100+lbs thanks to Orangetheory Fitness, so he’s the perfect example of what hard work and determination look like and he’s extremely relatable.

Basically, I cannot stop raving about this place and I think if there is one in your area, it’s definitely worth it to at least try the free class.  Good luck, and I hope this helps someone achieve their fitness goals!

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  • Kathrine Eldridge
    January 31, 2018 at 6:33 am

    I’ve heard so much about Orange Theory. My sister and husband love it. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  • Savvy Southern Chic
    January 31, 2018 at 8:35 am

    This is a great review! I have an Orange Theory near my house and have wondered about it. Now I know and it sounds very cool!

    • Jersey Girl, Texan Heart
      January 31, 2018 at 8:36 am

      It’s definitely an intense workout and you get to have a free trial class to see if it’s for you or not. The coach was so motivating and the environment was amazing!

  • Cheryl Tucker
    January 31, 2018 at 8:38 am

    That is weird, it has someone else’s email and website with my comment. Not sure what happened and can’t seem to delete it. But anyway giving you a heads up.

    • Jersey Girl, Texan Heart
      January 31, 2018 at 8:49 am

      Thanks for the heads up! I just went back and took a look. Not sure what’s going on but my blog is still under construction, I’ll have to figure out what that issue is.

  • Maureen
    January 31, 2018 at 9:08 am

    I have heard of Orange Theory but I haven’t tried it personally myself but wow, it sounds like an hour will really fly by with all the fun things you are doing in the class. It also sounds like a really good environment to be in with all the motivation/positive energy coming from the class and your instructor. It would be hard to stray away from your fitness goals. Great review!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    • Jersey Girl, Texan Heart
      January 31, 2018 at 5:03 pm

      I never heard of it before, and was so happy to discover it. It’s definitely a great environment.

  • jodie filogomo
    January 31, 2018 at 9:14 am

    I have a couple of friends that are into Orange Theory. It’s always good to change things up for our bodies!!

    • Jersey Girl, Texan Heart
      January 31, 2018 at 12:06 pm

      I never knew about it until I was asked to review it. I absolutely loved it! I get bored with workouts after a while so switching it up is always great.

  • Lisa
    January 31, 2018 at 10:38 am

    We have an Orange Theory near by and I’ve been tempted. I have several friends in other parts of the country who do it. I’ve just always worked out alone and a group setting intimidates me. I guess one of these days I should bust out of my comfort zone. Thanks for the review!

    • Jersey Girl, Texan Heart
      January 31, 2018 at 12:07 pm

      I’m the same way. I prefer to work out alone, however, the coach was amazing and he really treats everyone like family so it was really easy to let go of that fear for me.

  • Vaishali
    January 31, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    Thanks for sharing the experience gal. I go to one other gym but may be someday I can give tjis a try.

    • Jersey Girl, Texan Heart
      January 31, 2018 at 5:01 pm

      It’s a great workout, and I liked it because it was a nice way to spice it up for me.

  • Ruth
    January 31, 2018 at 5:26 pm

    I have heard so many amazing things about Orange Theory. Looks like you had such a great time!


    • Jersey Girl, Texan Heart
      January 31, 2018 at 9:16 pm

      It definitely was an awesome time. I was sore (in a good way) for a few days haha!

  • Cheryl Shops
    January 31, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    I feel like everyone is talking about OrangeTheory lately, and everyone is raving! I am definitely thinking about trying it, although, to be honest, I hate sweating when I work out! 😀
    Cheryl Shops | http://www.cherylshops.net

    • Jersey Girl, Texan Heart
      January 31, 2018 at 9:16 pm

      I used to hate it too, but after I started working out more it’s second nature now. If you try it let me know what you think!

  • Paulina
    February 2, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    OK, now I HAVE to check them out!

    Sending love from Napa!

    Paulina | SHENSKA

  • Barbara
    February 12, 2018 at 11:30 am

    Orange Theory is the best thing that ever happened to us! (and not because I am George’s wife) 🙂 Besides our weight loss I have reached so many of my fitness goals. I have never ran a day in my life and I have now done a 5k and two mud obstacle courses. I love that I am able to visit any studio as part of my membership. So glad that you enjoyed your class and George!

    • Jersey Girl, Texan Heart
      February 12, 2018 at 12:13 pm

      George told me about the success both of you had. That’s so impressive that both of you were able to commit and work towards a healthier lifestyle. I personally am not a runner, never have been (even in my really athletic days), but who knows, maybe after OTF I’ll be able to do it!