Dressing up for Valentine’s Day

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Top and Bottom:  Shein // Shoes:  Old Navy (sold out, under $20 similar here) // Clutch:  Marshall’s (old similar here)

Well folks, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  I decided to show off this adorable two piece set from Shein in case your thinking of dressing up for Valentine’s Day.  If the fiance and I were to go out to dinner tomorrow (we will most likely stay home) I would definitely love to wear this two piece.  In the past I wasn’t a huge fan of two pieces, however, since seeing how a subtle midriff showing isn’t that bad.  Wanting to have washboard abs like Britney Spears was something I always wanted.  No matter what I did (diet and exercise) I was never able to get them haha.  Last year I was super close though, unfortunately Taco Bell, NJ pizza, and ice cream is life (insert laughing emoji).  However, I will say, I’ve been sticking to the keto thing for now and I feel great, I’m officially in ketosis (I tested myself this Sunday!).  I don’t like to stick to diets nonstop because I get bored, however this one allows me to eat fatty food, meat, and just healthy fats in general.

Some people aren’t into being super Valentine’s Day’ish, but if you are, this is the perfect go to look.  What I love about it as well, is you can wear this during the year, not just during Valentine’s Day.  I love the color red, and I don’t care what anyone says, in my opinion, it looks good on everyone.  Or at least everyone that I’ve seen wear it.  What are y’all doing for Valentine’s Day?  Are you staying in, going out, or having a Galentine’s Day?

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14 thoughts on “Dressing up for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Beautiful two piece dress! It’s perfect for Valentine’s or a date night. You are rockin this look! We are staying in, well hubby works late on Wednesdays, so it’s just me and the little man! So we’ll have some treats and watch some train cartoons before calling it a night. I did propose to him with a ring pop but that didn’t go to well as the ring itself was too big and he dropped it on the floor shattering the lollipop to pieces. 😭 That’s okay I was prepared and had some other treat instead. Lol 😂

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

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