How I feel about Valentine’s Day

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Hat:  Old Navy // Top:  Style Best // Pants:  Old Navy // Booties:  Old Navy // Bag:  Karl Lagerfeld (gifted)

I know that a lot of fashion bloggers are all ramped up for Valentine’s Day and are showing off festive outfits (myself included), but I wanted to take a quick minute to chat about my feelings on Valentine’s Day since a lot of people have actually asked me what I think about it.

To be completely honest with you, it’s a double edged sword with me.  I like but at the same time though, I’m one of those firm believers that you shouldn’t be appreciated only on one day.


Showing love and being appreciated doesn’t mean flowers, a card, and some chocolate/gifts.  It’s about the little things, like washing the dishes, feeding the dogs before I get home, hanging up a picture I’ve been dying to hang up, taking my blogging photos, letting me sleep in, bringing me soup when I’m sick, picking something up at the store because I forgot to stop on my way home, etc.  I could keep going haha, but I’ll stop there.  I feel loved and appreciated every day, that going out on Valentine’s Day, or even staying in is just another day but with a little extra spunk.

The first Valentine’s Day that I spent with my fiancé was your cliché, right out of a movie styled date.  He showered me with gifts, flowers, dinner, and even told me to dress up (he wore his suit!).  He knew that I wasn’t crazy about Valentine’s Day so he wanted me to have at least one cliché Vday in my life.  Since then we don’t do anything crazy.  We might get each other a card and maybe go out to dinner but we don’t make it a huge deal.  We are pretty simple though.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, I wanted to talk about my outfit.  The top is from Style Best.  If you saw last week’s post you already saw me talk about Style Best and how I feel about them.  Which, of course is a positive post and experience.  The top I’m wearing is super cute and great quality.  My only complaint is it’s a little shorter than I had expected.  I’m also super tall, so maybe that has something to do with it.  I paired it with my new pants and hat from Old Navy.  I’m so ready for spring and I honestly am so over winter and the winter clothing lol.  I’m going on strike Mother Nature!

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6 thoughts on “How I feel about Valentine’s Day”

  1. I love those bright pink pants! It’s so much fun and really perfect for V day….but also spring! I feel the same way about Valentines. We don’t make a big deal about it and I really don’t like the idea of expecting gifts to be given or received. We do fun stuff for our little girls because they love all the little hearts and anything pink!

    1. I think if I had kids it would be way different and I would do the same thing you are doing 🙂 some of my fondest memories from Valentine’s Day are the ones where I celebrated with my parents as a young kid and my dad would bring me candy 🙂

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