JR Cigar and a Velvet Dress


Dress:  Target (sold out, similar here) // Jacket:  MakeMeChic (sold out, similar here) // Boots:  Lucky Brand

Have any of y’all been to a cigar store/lounge?  There’s one in East Hanover, NJ called JR Cigar, which I’ve been to a few times.  I don’t smoke cigars, but I do like the smell of them (not the after smell though) and the food at JR Cigar is SO good.  The only downfall is the after smell on your clothes which can be a little ehh, so just keep this in mind if you ever go.  They keep it really ventilated, but the smell just sticks to your clothes.  Also, since they keep it ventilated, you aren’t sitting in a cloud of smoke, it literally gets sucked up into the ceiling right away haha.  The actual shop itself is soooo cool.  It’s set up like a library, with the ladder with the swivels and all!  It’s a very relaxed environment, and even though it’s mostly men that go, you do see some women.  I think it’s nice to see women in places like these because it’s not common, and it’s actually a fun hang out.

Did I mention that their food is really good too? LOL!

Also, just as an fyi, this post isn’t sponsored.  The fiancé and I have been to JR Cigar quite a few times because his dad is a cigar smoker, so for certain holidays like Father’s Day we get him a few cigars and he loves it.  They also have a wine area which is in between the cigar store and the restaurant.  There is also a bar.  Now, as for the pictures, I was going to edit them, but to be completely honest, I feel like the orange brings out the atmosphere of the lounge/shop itself so I decided to keep it.  These are unedited photos (except for straightening the photo haha).    I never thought I’d share unedited photos here on the blog since my iPhone outfit photo days, but I did.  I also wanted to stay to stay tuned to Thursday’s post because I have a fun Thursday series for the month of March that I’m super excited about!

Velvet Dresses:

Faux Leather Jackets:

Boots from this Post:

xoxo Monica

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  1. I love the velvet and leather combo! You look fabulous! This sounds like a fun place to go. My hubby likes to have a cigar every once in a while.

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