Minimalist Valentine’s Day Look and a Linkup

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Dress:  MakeMeChic (under $20!) // Boots:  Doc Martens // Hat:  Ralph Lauren (gifted, old similar here)

Valentine’s Day outfits are in full swing!  I know that there’s some people out there who aren’t into the whole wearing a ton of red or pink and just want to keep it casual.  This would be a great idea.  It’s a super cute dress and I paired it with my new pink Doc Martens.  If you follow me on Instagram then you already saw me post about them.  When I was in high school I saw goth kids wearing these all around whether it was school, the mall, the movies, etc.  I always wanted a pair but thought I could never pull them off because I wasn’t “badass” enough.  It took a lot of guts for me to be ok with wearing pink high top converse (back then no one on the east coast wore high tops) even though it was different.  So I just never got a pair of Doc Martens.  Plus with my minimum wage job, I barely made any money so it was hard for me to justify buying an expensive pair of boots like these.  However, I will say, I wish I bought them sooner because they are ridiculously comfy!  Also, the pink is definitely me.

Anyway, I thought this outfit would be perfect for the person who doesn’t want to go crazy on Vday, or if you just don’t like it at all and are only willing to wear a little bit of festive colors.  Either way, I love this outfit.  The dress I received from MakeMeChic as a review.  I will say it’s a little thinner than I expected, however, it was also super cold when I wore this so I probably shouldn’t be wearing this when it’s cold.  Other than that I thought it was a great fit.  It’s a little short, but I’m also tall so everything is always short on me.  I love the cute collar on this.  It reminds me of a toned down version of Wednesday Addams.  I can’t wait until it’s a little warmer out so that wearing this dress will be much better!

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xoxo Monica

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30 thoughts on “Minimalist Valentine’s Day Look and a Linkup”

  1. Monica, I totally swooned over this outfit! I love polka dots especially in black and white. That dress is freaking adorable. And I have always been a Doc Marten wearing Goth girl myself, so I am totally digging these in pink! Such a fabulous outfit! And you are totally bad ass enough to pull this off. You look amazing!


  2. Great look, love your boots. I’m new to your hop, thanks for hosting. I will grab a link and add it to my blog hop page. I host 3 blog hops a week if you ever want to join us too 🙂

  3. Happy early Valentine’s day, Monica! I love this dress, and I agree that does remind me of a slightly more adorable Wednesday Addams, by the way, have you heard of the Adult Wednesday Addams web series? It’s fantastic and I love it. I wasn’t goth in high school, but I did diffidently have a black and white phase. It’s hilarious to me now, because I just love big bright colors and prints now. As for not wearing red and pink, I think it’s perfectly okay. I personally love it and go really cliche with it every year. However, I love the touch of pink feminine on a usually very masculine pair of boots.

    1. Happy early Valentine’s Day! No, I have not heard of it! I will definitely have to check it out. I do a little bit of both for Valentine’s Day. It depends on my actual mood of the day haha, but if I’m not “feelin it” I’ll have at least a little pink or red on. I feel like whatever someone feels good in is what they should wear.

  4. You are killing it in this nice but bad kind of look. Those metallic pink Doc Martens are hot and adding a hat to this outfit was a great idea, Monica. I love it so much! Welcome by tomorrow and link up, babe. =)

    1. Yes, you are so right! I have a confession to make, I am not a huge fan of wearing tights. I love how they make my legs look but am extremely picky about the ones I choose haha. I am super excited to wear this dress when it warms up though!

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