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When people think of NJ, they don’t think of beautiful landscapes, fresh air, etc.  I’ve met a lot of people who say that NJ either smells bad or is just a dump.  Every state has a part of it that is bad, and that most people stay away from.  Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have been brought up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees.  I was a teenager when I started doing the whole “Weird NJ” thing (this is basically all things weird, haunted, ghost stories, etc. just look it up on google), and since the fiancé has started to inspire me to try new things both in life and on the blog.  I’ve been able to find some real gems here in NJ.

If you’ve been following me for a few years, I was basically always taking pictures in the same places.  Recently, the fiancé gave me a wakeup call and told me I have to grow with my blog.  He told me that my pictures were boring.  He’s more of a tough love kinda guy, he doesn’t sugarcoat ANYTHING.  The clothes were great, but in his opinion the location was just boring and though that might work for some bloggers, it didn’t work for me.  I was starting to blend into the background.  He sat me down and told me to find interesting places to take pictures, he would help me but he wanted me to try and find them on my own first.  You see, he did this because I used to be an extremely creative person, and then all of the sudden I just stopped.  I’m not sure if it’s stress related or what, but he wanted me to do this on my own so that I could get my groove back.   I, of course got frustrated at first because I couldn’t find anything, but then I started thinking about how my friends and I used to explore NJ.

Then I stumbled upon this Telephone Pole Farm in Chester, NJ online.  I had no idea that this even existed and I’ve been to Chester numerous times.  Chester is a super cute town and this is located past the main area in Highlands Ridge Park and it is so cool!  Apparently back in the 1920’s AT&T created this “farm.”  The poles are carefully marked with metal data tags, and the site doubled as a training ground as a climbing school as practice for technicians.

Now, the fiancé and I were joking around while we were taking these pictures which is why I’m cracking up in most of them.  As most of you know I’m Polish.  Since the term for Polish people is “Pole” we kept saying “look at this Pole in her natural habitat.”  It’s not meant to offend anyone, but I was cracking up the entire time.  Don’t worry though, neither of us are quitting our day jobs to make jokes and puns hahaha.  We know they are terrible.  Have you ever explored your own state and found a hidden treasure like this one?

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  1. It’s totally fun to go different places to take photos. I was just like you at first. It made it easier to do them in the same place. But we’ve learned to make it an adventure now, and we have found some fun places!!

  2. I dont know what you and your fiancee are talking about; your photoshoots and locations are always amazing me and if you were taking them in all the same places, I sure couldn’t tell. I love this photo shoot location. I’m polish, and I find the jokes hysterical. LOVE your outfit too!

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