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Top:  TJ Maxx (on sale, similar here) // Espadrilles:  TJ Maxx (on sale, similar here) // Pants:  LOFT // Bag:  Amazon

Welcome back to my second installment of my $10 Thursday Challenge!  Today I’m tackling TJ Maxx.  I definitely lucked out when I went to TJ Maxx for this post.  Y’all will never guess how much I paid for these shoes.  I have been wanting to get espadrilles for a little while, but I’m always so hesitant because I know I can easily ruin them.  The last pair I had, I stepped in a puddle and they were never the same again.  That’s why I only ever buy them when there’s a good sale, and these babies were ONLY $4!  Yes, you read that right.  These shoes were $4.  I guess they were from last summer and were just at TJ Maxx for long enough to get marked down that much.  They are slightly too big, but for $4 I will MAKE IT WORK honey.  The top is by Lucky Brand and it was only $6.  I spent exactly $10 at TJ Maxx.

This is why when people come to me and say “I don’t understand how you’re always buying clothes and still continue to have money.”  It’s because I shop smart.  I only splurge every once in a while when I get a paycheck for my blog, or if I am getting a bonus from work.  I strategically plan my shopping sprees around those things haha.  That’s why sometimes you’ll see an abundance of new things, and then there will be a time where I wear certain things on repeat.  I also make sure to always buy things on sale, with a coupon, with an extra percentage off, and with a card that has a rewards/point system.  With this particular top and shoes, I just got really lucky that these were probably marked down a lot from last summer.

Now, a quick side note.  Who here watches Stranger Things?  Last weekend (if you follow my Instastories you already saw this) I binge watched Stranger Things Season 1.  The fiancé had watched this when it first came out and I just never had a chance to sit down and watch, but he wanted to watch the second season with me so while he was working Saturday, after I had meal prepped and cleaned the apartment I parked my butt in front of the TV, Netflix and chilled with my pups, and caught up on Stranger Things.  Then we both started Season 2 together.  The fiancé keeps joking around that he has to be the voice of reason to say we need to stop watching it’s time for bed because I’m just THAT into it!  I think this is on my top faves list right next to Dr. Who and Orphan Black.  It’s one of those shows that  makes you think “this could very well be real.”  The crazy thing, is I read that Stranger Things was inspired by some conspiracy theories, the most influence was from The Montauk Project.  I cannot wait for Season 3 to come out!

Similar Tops:

Denim (I swear by Curvy Fit by LOFT, best fit ever):



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2 thoughts on “$10 Challenge: TJ Maxx”

  1. What a deal! Even though I know there are great clearance finds at TJ, I didn’t think you’d get 2 things for under $10! And especially not shoes. They are super cute and if you don’t like them after a year you can have no guilt about donating them since they were only $4!

  2. A shopper after my own heart! I rarely get items when they aren’t on sale or clearance usually unless I need them. I have such a great wardrobe without spending much money at all. Those shoes were a steal!
    Thanks for joining the Thursday Moda Link-up!

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