The Body Shop Review-VEGAN Foam Face Wash, VEGAN Eye Cream, and VEGAN Concealers

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This post is brought to you by The Body Shop.

How adorable is this box that all of these products came in?!  I am loving the design, and with me packaging is a big deal.  If you have cute packaging, I’m sold!  What I loved is the story on the lid of the box when you open it.

Our story started with Anita Roddick’s belief in something revolutionary; that business could be a source for good, and in 1976 The Body Shop was born.  We’ve always done things a little differently, broken the mould, been bold, been brave.

Today, our commitment is stronger than ever; to enrich, not exploit.  For us, this means enriching people as well as our planet, it it’s biodiversity and resources.  We are committed to working fairly with our farmers and suppliers and helping communities thrive.  Our products enrich, but never make false promises and are never tested on animals.

We are proud to be original, irreverent and campaign for what’s right; together we can do it.


Not exploit.

(It’s in our hands)

These are all of the gorgeous products that were in the box.  Now, they don’t really have a variety of darker shades, which is a shame because I think this concealer is amazing and a lot of women would love it!  I think I might use the darker shades for contouring to be completely honest.  Let’s move on to each product and what I thought of them!

The Body Shop Drops of Youth-Youth Gentle Foamwash

An instant-foaming daily face wash that leaves skin feeling fresh and replenished after just one use.  Containing plant stem cells from Criste Marine and Beech Bud extract, the youth enhacing formula thorougly cleanses skin without drying, leaving skin feeling smoother, softer, and renewed.  Enriched with Community Trade Babassu Oil from Brazil.  100% Vegan.

Let me start off by saying that I don’t wash my face every day even though I know I should and I personally don’t have any favorite face washes.  I use a bunch of different ones and am constantly testing out new face washes.  I will say that this foamwash by The Body Shop and my Ernzo Laszlo Sea Mud Soap Bar have been my absolute go to’s lately.  The one thing I don’t like about the sea mud soap bar by Ernzo Laszlo is that it is extremely drying. The Body Shop foamwash is definitely not.  Even though I moisturize regularly, I don’t feel like I HAVE to after the foamwash as opposed to EL’s sea mud soap bar.  Highly recommend this foamwash which is currently $18.  It may not be as affordable as drug store brands, but I’ve noticed that when it comes to skin care using just regular soap or a regular face wash just doesn’t cut it once you hit 30 and start seeing fine lines and wrinkles.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth-Youth Bouncy Eye Mask

Enrich with cucumber extract and plant stem cells, apply the eye mask to instantly depuff under-eye bags, reduce signs of fatigue and fade dark circles.  The refreshingly bouncy, non-sticky memory-shape formula helps skin bounce back to a more youthful appearance with technology that instantly cools down skin around your eyes by 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit.  Use as an overnight mask and wake up with skin that looks younger and feels healthier.  Enriched with Community Trade Organic Babassu Oil from Brazil.  100% Vegan.

Ok, so if you’ve been following for me for over a year you would have seen the eye mask/cream that I swear by, but this one is something completely different.  While I still love my other eye cream, this one is amazing too.  I love the cooling sensation and how it leaves my skin feeling.  I personally love using a little extra as a night eye mask, but I noticed a difference with my under eye area.  I highly recommend this eye mask.  It’s $32, but it’ll definitely last you a while and the way my skin looks after using it for a few weeks, I must say I’m highly impressed.  AND IT’S VEGAN/CRUELTY FREE!

The Body Shop Drops of Youth-Youth Bouncy Eye Mask

The Body Shop Drops of Youth-Youth Gentle Foamwash

The Body Shop Matte Clay Concealer

A high-coverage, breathable, matte concealer enriched with Community Trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya, which helps purify skin while concealing imperfections, blemishes and dark circles.  promote a clear complexion while keeping skin shine-free with this 24-hour formula.  Available in 10 shades.  100% Vegan.

Ok, so as much as I love the concealer, there are a few flaws I saw about it.


  • Amazing Coverage
  • Wide Color Variety for lighter skin tones
  • Applies easily and smoothly


  • Starts to look a little cakey
  • Not sure if it’s meant for oily skin-my tzone area didn’t look too cute after several hours
  • Not a wide variety for darker skin tones

I’m not 100% sold on it, however I will say I mixed it with my current concealer which was a little drying, and it worked together perfectly!  I would suggest testing it out for yourself and finding out if it works for you because we can have totally different skin.

xoxo Monica

**Please note I received these The Body Shop products as a review, however all opinions are my own.

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