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Body Yogurt

Alright, so lately I’ve been super into moisturizing.  It’s been moreso my face, but I’ve also added a routine in general.  Now that I’m getting older and I know that my body doesn’t produce collagen (I took a test for my skin and this was one of the results) the way it does for the average person, I need to start being proactive with my skin.  I would love to look young forever, but I’m already noticing changes in my skin (wrinkles and lines galore) that I didn’t expect to see at 30 years old.  When I was younger I made the mistake of staying in the sun and using tanning beds.  I would get as dark as possible, and I tan very easily and very dark for someone who is fair skinned most of the time.  I get that tanning color from my dad and my paleness from my mom haha.  This is why lately I’ve been using some Light Room presets that make me look tanner because I won’t be sitting out in the sun.  Now, the moisturizer I’ll be discussing today is for your body, not your face.

I will say that I love this body yogurt as The Body Shop calls it.  The scent is so good.  For a few of them I almost want to eat the body yogurt because it smells so good. Now, these are cruelty free vegan body yogurts.  They are one of their best body moisturizers.  They absorb in seconds and work on damp skin, providing 48 hours of lightweight moisture.  I’ve been using them, and I love them.  Just word to the wise, put the body yogurt on when you aren’t going outside near mosquitoes.  I made that mistake once and got eaten alive haha.  Have any of you tried this product yet?

**Please note I received these products as a review, however all opinions are my own.

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