This is 31-What I would tell my Younger Self and a Linkup (Blogger Collab)

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It’s my birthday!  I’m 31 today.  My blogger babes and I are going to talk about things that we wish we could tell our younger selves.  I wanted to do things a little differently this year just because 30 was a good year, and I really don’t have anything bad to say about this past year, but I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self a thing or two.

What I would tell my younger self:

  • Don’t be so insecure, you’re perfect the way you are.
  • These relationships don’t mean anything, you’ll meet your soulmate at 18 and start dating him at 27.  And for god’s sake, know your worth and leave the guys who treat you like garbage.  They DON’T love you.  They’re an ex for a reason!
  • Don’t go to the hospital after your first car accident, you’ll be stuck with medical bills that no one wants to pay for even though the accident wasn’t your fault, and the doctors won’t find anything majorly wrong.
  • Being diagnosed with epilepsy isn’t the end of the world.  You’re still alive.
  • Always have a savings account.  You would have needed it in your 20’s for credit card debt and your student loan debt.
  • Don’t stop blogging in 2010.  You’ll miss out on 3 years, and you never know, it might go somewhere.
  • Turning 30 is not that bad lol.  Stop being so depressed about it.  Nothing changes, except you get a few more wrinkles, and your metabolism isn’t as great.
  • Instead of going out to the bar in your early-mid 20’s, “waste” your money away on traveling, or paying off your student loans.
  • If you lend people money, don’t expect to get it back.  Think of it as a gift.
  • Enjoy being young, and stop trying to be so grown up.  Adulting sucks.

Now, I’ll move on to my blogger friends who are participating in this post.

Ellen from Ask Away Blog

I would tell myself to just relax and not be so insecure and think that everyone’s always judging you.  Once you get out into the real world, you realize how much you worried about what other people thought of you and how much time you DON’T have to worry about that now.

Ellen’s Instagram

Maria from Passion fruit, Paws and Peonies

Hi! I’m Maria a midlife English blogger and I write an elegant lifestyle blog for women over 40.

I met my husband Andy when I was 16 and have been in love with him ever since. We have two children who have grown into incredible people in their own right and we pinch ourselves how lucky we are that they and their partners come and hang out with us often.

We live in a big old house in Surrey, England that needs constant love and attention with four dogs who are the babies of the family.

My blog is full of lifestyle articles I hope you’ll enjoy – written with the intention of sharing my passions and style.

I have always appreciated things with an elegant style rather than fashion, after all, elegance never goes out of style! I think my style is a little Boho chic too. I hope you enjoy it x

The thing I would tell my younger self: Don’t worry so much, you are going to be ok. You will survive tough times and relish good times. You will come out of them stronger, wiser and with more understanding. You are tougher than you think and life is going to be amazing. So lift your head and keep going.

Ruth from My Little Nest

“Be confident in who you are as a person and don’t base it around how you look. Confidence comes from within and shines out of you no matter what outfit you’re wearing.”
Maureen from Little Miss Casual
Don’t be afraid to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and go skydiving! Don’t be afraid to go on stage to win a championship! Don’t be afraid to cut your hair short and color it red with silver highlights! Whatever it is that is on your list, make it happen and step out of your comfort zone.  The worst thing that can happen is you try something new and you don’t like it.  The fact of the matter, you will come out with more experience.  If you aren’t trying something new, you are not growing nor are you learning.  Life is short and time is fleeting – make it count!
Happy Birthday Monica! Wishing you a spectacular day and cheers to a fabulous year! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.
Maureen’s Instagram
What I would tell my younger self: “There will be many huge battles in your life that you will have to fight.  Important battles that will require all of the energy in your soul.  Loving yourself should not be one of those battles.  Start out right there…in a place of self-love…and you will have so much more fight in you for the really big battles.”
Hey there Monica. Happy Birthday!! I would tell my younger self not to worry about the small things. The more years go by, the more ‘adults’ we become — the more  worries, problems and everyday things we have going for us. Adulting isn’t easy. We shouldn’t have to think about it as kids, teens or young adults. Also smile more because even if a smile creates wrinkles, it is good for the soul! A small smile can heal someone, it can ease a difficult day. A small smile can make someone’s day, including yours! With that said, I hope you smile A LOT today and in the coming new year in your life, dearest Monica!!

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  • Shelbee on the Edge
    October 12, 2018 at 9:25 am

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, my friend! You look spectacular in these birthday photos! Cheers to 31 more years, and then another 31 more after those!


  • Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies
    October 12, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    Hope you are having a fantastic birthday you beauty!! Thanks for the collaboration x. The thirties are amazing and the forties even better! Cheers!! xx

  • Maureen
    October 12, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    Happy Birthday Monica! I hope being 31 is everything and more! You look great in your birthday suit and thank you for sharing your special with me! Now go out there and party like a rock star! Happy Friday!

    Maureen |

  • Bojana Krienke
    October 12, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    Happiest of birthdays! Such great advice you gave others and your friends have everyone. Have a wonderful birthday weekend!