Budget Friendly Gift Guide Series: The Ultimate Gift Guide

Christmas Fashion Gift Guide

In today’s final Gift Guide Series post I’m going to recap all of the previous gift guides and add them in here so that you have everything in one spot.  You have less than a week left y’all!

Betsey Johnson Heels Ok, so this pair of shoes is the only splurge item in my list.  Mostly because I really want them and might actually gift them to myself haha.  I love Betsey Johnson, and these are just super cute!

Faux Leather Jacket I am all about faux leather jackets, and I feel like they can be worn with so many different items.  A faux leather jacket should be in any woman’s closet.  It gives them a little edge and they can feel badass for a day.

Faux Leather leggings I WOULD LIVE IN THESE.  They can be dressed up or down.  I think every woman should have versatile pieces like this because you get so many uses out of one item of clothing.

Teddy Coat I personally do not have one of these, because I ordered one last year and it never ended up making it to my mailbox.  However, these jackets are super trendy and I can imagine that they are comfy.

Blanket Scarf Blanket scarves aren’t for everyone, so this is a tricky one if you don’t know the person you are buying it for.  I own quite a few blanket scarves, but I also live in the north east where it snows and it’s super cold.  I know a few friends of mine who don’t understand blanket scarves and other friends who LIVE in them.

Celine Bag Dupe This bag is still trending!  I don’t know about you, but I cannot afford the original, and this bag I found on Amazon (that I actually have and love it, the quality is a lot better than I expected) is the perfect dupe!

Gucci Belt Dupe So many women own this Gucci belt!  The one I linked is the perfect dupe.  It’s also on Amazon!

Gucci Mule Dupe I have these at home, and wore them in a recent post here on the blog.  They are super comfy, they are the perfect dupe, and the quality is really good.  The best part, is that they are only $24.99!  Target, you just get me.

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Sheet masks I have been obsessed with sheet masks.  I’ve gone through so many and to be completely honest with you, my favorite ones are Tony Moly ones.  You can get these at Ulta and they can get pricey once you start buying handfuls of them, but I usually buy 2 or 3 at a time.

Slippers I’m obsessed with slippers, and I actually posted about a pair last week in this post.  They are the best alternative to getting someone socks.  I’m a huge fan of slippers for any time of year, but of course, mostly for winter.  I’m one of those people that once my toes get cold, that’s it.  The rest of me is cold and I’m not warming up anytime soon.

Bath Robe I’m a sucker for a great bath robe.  I only have one currently and I never want to get rid of it because it’s seriously the best one I’ve ever had.  I didn’t think it was possible to have a favorite bath robe, but it definitely is!

Bubble Bath We ALL need some quiet time every once in a while.  I can’t take a relaxing bath because my dogs stare at me, but I can take a bath, and bath bombs/bubble bath ingredients are the best!  So ladies, grab a glass of wine, and stay in that tub until your fingers get pruney!

Blanket Blankets are the best things ever.  I don’t care what anyone thinks or says, I have a million blankets at home, and each one has been used haha.  I just love blankets.  They’re great to snuggle up on the couch with loved ones (both human and animal, my pups love getting under the blanket with me), or if you just want to curl up and read a book, or watch TV.


Straightener This straightener is perfect for traveling, or if you are at the office and you don’t want to bring your regular straightener, you have a mini one.  It’s super small, and is great for little touch ups, or if you’re like me and have thin hair, it actually works for thin hair. Clinique Balm I SWEAR BY THIS BALM.  I bought it in the travel size (which is more than enough if you don’t wear too much makeup) when I went to Poland.  It was great.  It felt nice on my face when I was taking off my makeup, and it wasn’t as harsh as a makeup wipe, although the Neutrogena wipes seen in the gift guide are the only ones I will use.  However, if I’m taking off a little bit of eye makeup I will totally use the balm because it helps get that makeup off without it being harsh. Makeup Wipes I only like to use these wipes.  They are the least harsh wipes I’ve used.  They also get out a lot of makeup.  I usually get the fragrance free ones. Invisibobble in Pink and Black Y’all, these are life changing!  They are a little pricey for a small box of 3 BUT, I’ve been using the same one for over 6 months now and it hasn’t stretched out, nor has it broken.  I thought these were only for thick haired gals, but it works for my thin hair as well.  I’ve noticed less hair falling out at the end of the day when I take my hair tie (or in this case invisibobble) out.  I’ve read a lot about these and have also asked my hair dresser if these are in fact better for your hair than regular hair ties and she said yes, this is all she uses now.

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Pepto Liquid Ok, so I’m one of those people who eat way too much over the holidays and I usually need pepto bismol no matter how disgusting it is haha.  You’ll never know when you might need some pepto, especially if you have people traveling via car to you for the holidays! Pepto Tablets When traveling, I personally like to have the tablets because they are less messy, but I did notice that the liquid is more effective. Dayquil Nyquil Liquid A lot of people are getting sick or are sick, and this set is a lifesaver for a lot of people.  It was for me last year.  I was sick from mid December to mid January. Dayquil Nyquil Tablets Just like the pepto tablets, the day/nyquil tablets are less messy when you are traveling.

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Ballerina My mom started this tradition of getting ballerina’s for me every year.  When I was younger, she had (now she passed them onto me) these 2 ballerina ornaments that were older than me and she knew they were my favorite.  When I got older and left home, she gave me these two ballerina’s for my tree.  Ever since I was younger she has been buying me ballerina’s. Animal Ornaments Ok, so y’all should know by now that I LOVE animals, so here are a few ornaments for that animal lover in your life.

Beagle // Cat // Rabbit // Maltese // Pug // Bulldog

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Popsocket I have a different type of popsocket on my phone, it’s a metal ring, BUT, I honestly really want this particular one haha. Lipsmacker Blast from the past, my 90’s self is living! Socks/Slippers I know I’ve talked about slippers a lot lately, but some of these are perfect for stocking stuffers because they are slipper socks.  Also, I REALLY want the Simba slipper socks haha.

Llama Socks // Fox Socks // Unicorn Slipper Socks // Simba Slipper Socks // Reindeer Slipper Socks

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NES Classic Wireless Controller This is perfect for that gamer in your life.  Or, it could also be perfect for dad.  It’s thanks to my dad that I know what Super Nintendo is, along with the cartridges that you have to blow into to “fix.” Cologne Do you have a guy in your life that likes to have different colognes?  I know this would be perfect for my uncle, because he has every single cologne out there haha.  He has one in each car, in each bathroom, and at work. Hair Kit Some guys (except my fiance) love to take care of their hair, so here is a fun kit for them! Morning Handsome Mug This would be perfect for your SO.  Whether they drink coffee or tea. Chewbacca Slipper Socks This would make a great gift for that Star Wars lover in your life. Shaving Razor I mean, you can never have enough razors.  I feel like I’m always going through them haha.

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For Mom

Pandora Bracelet This is definitely a splurge item, but if you have siblings, or a dad you can split the costs.  I feel like this is a great gift because you can buy the bracelet and a few charms and then add charms with every occasion that comes around.  For example birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc. Mug I’m not a mom, but I feel like that mug would speak to me haha! Tall Boots for the Fashionista If you have a mom like mine who loves fashion, these would be a great pair of boots.  My mom has a similar pair, so all you have to do is sneak into her shoe closet, find her size, and you’re golden. Decanter For the moms who need to have some me time with some wine, or if they love hosting little get togethers, decanters are perfect, and they look nice on the table as well. Photo Album If you’re more into a thoughtful gift, this is perfect.  I know that my mom and grandma LOVE pictures, and they will randomly look at pictures.  This is a great piece to leave on a coffee table as well, so that when mom is sitting down and relaxing she has something to look at if she’s not in the mood for TV, or if she’s in the mood to reminisce on when her babies were actually babies. Kitchen Aid Mixer This is another splurge item, but if you have a sibling(s) you can always split it.  You can also buy attachments if your mom already has a mixer.

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For Dad & For Him

Blinker Fluid By far, the funniest gift I ever got my fiance, and it would be great for any mechanic or “man’s man” kinda guy/dad in your life.  If you don’t get the joke, it’s because there’s no such thing as blinker fluid, but in the car community it’s a big joke.  If your dad or SO are into cars, this would be a fun gag gift. Master Crapsmen Poopourri This is also another gag gift, and I did get it for my fiance last year.  The smells are actually really nice too! Grill Set For the dad who grills, or who enjoys a good BBQ. Makita Drill Set This is definitely a splurge.  Makita is one of my fiance’s favorite power tool brands, and he also likes saying the word Makita haha. Men’s Tie For the guy in your life who likes to be fancy or fashionable, there are quite a few nice things you could purchase over at Ewa Bazaar.

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xoxo Monica

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  • Elise
    December 18, 2018 at 10:43 am

    Terrific gift guide, and I love your look!! Your heels are so festive!

    xx, Elise

  • Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies
    December 18, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    Love the gifts for mum section!! Merry Christmas lovely to you and your mum xx