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If you know me, you know that I’m always looking for a good skincare routine.  I love taking care of my skin, especially my face, because unfortunately, after 25 I started noticing my skin change.  It’s less moisturized, and I’m starting to see some wrinkles.  As upsetting as wrinkles can be, I do believe that having them is also a reminder that you’ve lived a fulfilling and happy life.  However, that doesn’t mean that I want those wrinkles just yet.  That’s why I wanted to introduce to you, Sustainable Youth Skincare.  I was approached by a blogger friend She Said He Said Fashion to see if I’d like to test out these products.  Of course I said yes!  I’m always looking for awesome skincare products.

Aloe Vera is among the oldest beauty ingredients used throughout history to treat and heal a wide variety of skin conditions and concerns. Now, Sustainable Youth® has harnessed the unprecedented healing and anti-aging benefits of aloe in an innovative, green skincare line formulated with alasta®, the first advancement in aloe in more than 6,000 years!  (source)

Alasta® is a blend of the widely popular soothing, hydrating Aloe Vera gel and Sustainable Youth®’s patented breakthrough extract from the rind of the Aloe Vera plant. (source)

Alasta® provides soothing and hydrating benefits, while improving skin firmness. The result is youthful, radiant skin. (source)

Now that it is winter time, moisturizing your skin is extremely important.  Thankfully I have changed climates with moving to a different state, however, for my girls in colder climates you have to moisturize.  The cold air is so harsh on your skin.  So, how did I use these three products, and what did I think?  Read below to find out!

Step 1:  As I stated above, skin tends to lose it’s moisture in the winter time.  Over the past few years, I’ve had so many women who are much older than me tell me to moisturize ALWAYS!  That, that was the key to their skin staying perfect for so many years.  Sustainable Youth® Ultra Hydrating Anytime Cream includes organic virgin olive oil and virgin flaxseed oil. It’s so crazy, how some natural ingredients out there in the world have so many different uses.

Step 2:  The eyes is where I started seeing wrinkles forming after I hit about 28 years of age.  That’s when I decided that it was time to start taking care of my eyes with moisturizers and treatments so that those little crows feet that I have were kept little. The Anytime Lift Eye Treatment® has a powerful anti aging formula that is specifically made for the eye area which is a very delicate area of your face.

Step 3:  The Super Boost Night Serum has two times the concentrate of alasta® which I mentioned above about what this is.  This serum does it’s little thing over night and when I wake up my skin is perfect!

Now, how did I feel about these products?

Personally, I thought they were great.  They were really delicate and so soothing.  Sometimes these extensive creams or skincare products can have a super potent fragrance, or they can be irritating.  These products didn’t have a really over the top fragrance and they didn’t irritate my skin like some products do.  I highly recommend these products if you’re looking for something that is soothing and delicate on your skin!

xoxo Monica

**Please note I received the skincare products mentioned here as a review, however all opinions are my own.

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