“We all lose someone at some point in our lives,
But don’t ever let go of that smile.
Hold on forever,
Because that’s our final dedication.”
-Asking Alexandria
This is a quote that will forever stick in my mind.  The reason why I share this is because it’s the reason I started to blog again.  If you read my post (click here) about a few inspirational people in my life you would have read about my one friend Dan who passed away from cancer in January of 2013.
Why would you start blogging again because of someone who passed away?
The answer is; Dan changed my life.  We may have reconnected only for a short period of time after college but even in death he changed me.  Before Dan I was a very negative person with all of the bad things that were going on in my life.  Then I realized that here is this guy who is my age, fighting cancer as hard as he can and who still lives life to the
fullest.  Then there was me.  A negative Nancy who was bitter towards the world from all the wrong that was done to her.
When Dan passed away I was extremely upset.  Why would someone so good be taken away from all of his family and friends?  I went through the emotions of being sad, upset, to angry and bitter.  Then one day Dan sent me a sign.  I smiled that day, a real smile; the first real smile in a very long time.  Ever since that day I have been smiling.  Even
when life gets extremely hard I still smile. Don’t get me wrong I still cry and get upset but I always remember Dan.  I always remember his goofy self and him telling me that life is great.
Thanks to Dan, it’s almost as if my life started over again.  I went back to doing the things I love, one of which was blogging and fashion.  Dan believed that I could do anything in this life and that I would be ok.  I have a fresh start, and this time I’m not taking it for granted.
This one is for you kiddo.
In loving memory of Dan.

2 thoughts on “DEDICATION”

  1. Its sad Dan died. But I its also very inspiring. I was also very sad and bitter and full of anger almost all my life and then I met a girl i love her soo much. I love when she is smiling and i try to smile as much as i can. 🙂 Because of her. The interesting part is. World doesnt revolve around big things. The small ones matter like just a smile. Its good to see that we both discovered this simple truth.

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